Fresh Herbs Liquid Hand Soap-8 oz


Fresh Herbs scent is parsley, lime-basil, and thyme.

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Fresh Herbs scent is parsley, lime-basil, and thyme. It smells very herbal, but with the freshness of a greenhouse and the garden.  It’s become the perfect scent to use around the home, especially in a kitchen, its so clean, yet fresh and earthy, too.

We recently found out that most of the oils we use to make our candles are natural and skin safe.  Many of you over the years have told us they love our scents so much they would bath in them…and we have been keeping that in mind, so when we found a wonderful liquid hand soap to add our blended scents to, we made our own liquid soap and lotion to match the candle of the same name!

Ingredients:  Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, xanthum gum, phenoxyethanol and fragrance

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