Snickerdoodle Simon Mini Pack of 6 Tarts-2.4 oz


Snickerdoodle Simon Collection, is named after our cat on the label (one that we fostered) and the scent a warm and spicy snickerdoodle cookie. (it is the same scent as Little Miss Ebony, we just updated the label to feature a new kitty).

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We have the mini breakaway clamshell packets of wax tarts. They are scented just like the candle of the same name! They make trying new scents very affordable, and are perfect to give as gifts.

They are for use in a Tart Warmer, there are various types of Tart Warmers, but we recommend Irvin’s, a local Pennsylvania company who makes them with wonderful tin.

Its really nice to enjoy the fragrance of our candles this way with no flame, or to put them in a place in your home that you can’t burn a candle but want to have some fragrance.

Each mini square lasts approx 12-18 hours, but it depends on your bulb and how bright it is, but generally, you can smell them continuously for 12-18 hours til the scent cooks out.

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