We Love Making Candles

Welcome to our Herbal Star Candles website and online store . We are proud to make them here at my home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Herbal Star Candles workshop
All of our candles are made with a soy blend wax that we specially formulated over the past few years and have found to give the good qualities of soy (which is soot reduction) along with the good qualities of paraffin (even burning, rich colors, and more fragrance. Each of our candle scents are made up of a minimum of three to five different oils to give you a rich and unique fragrance. In addition to highly fragrant, long burning soy blend candles we are also proud to offer great country containers you can collect when the candle has been burned. Our store has our full display of wonderful products.

Because we make small, handcrafted batches we are always changing things up. We highlight our current favorite but check back often because it’s always different.

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing. We hope you enjoy everything about our Herbal Star Candles and potpourri!

A Featured Favorite

Olde Holiday Glow Collection

Olde Holiday Glow is a spicy blend of winter scents

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Amy's Notes

Tart Warmers Added!

Finally added to our online store, the wonderful Tart Warmers made by Irvin’s Tinware!Tart Warmer with Star Cut Out

Still Time to Order Christmas Candle Gifts

We ship everyday, and all online orders will go out and get there on time for Christmas.  Did you know, most of our shipping to the East Coast is only one day away?  No extra charge, that’s standard Ground time!  The furthest away is California, which is a 5 day away time from here in Lancaster PA!  So, don’t worry, you will get candles in time for Christmas!  Another note:  if trying to order more than one candle, but the option is only allowing you to get one, that’s because there is only one left.   But there are still lots of candles left to order!  You can select the option of  “In stock” items, to help you with selections, too!  Thank you everyone!Old Santa Cinnamon Collection

Room & Potpourri Sprays Added

We have finally added our Christmas Room Sprays and Potpourri Spray to the website.  We have two Room Sprays, one in our Pine Star Shine Scent (great for Christmas if you have an artificial tree) as well as Winter Star Dust which is the scent of cinnamon and vanilla.  We also have a Potpourri Spray available in our potpourri scent of Olde Holiday Glow…a blend of winter scents.  You can find them on the website under their collection or search Room Sprays…enjoy!Set of three Room Sprays offered for ChristmasOlde Holiday Glow Potpourri Sprayhsc--09202014-0048