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Welcome to our Herbal Star Candles online store.

We are proud to make them here at my home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Because we make small, handcrafted batches we are always changing things up. We highlight our current favorites but check back often because it’s always different.


All of our candles are made with a soy blend wax that we specially formulated over the past few years and have found to give the good qualities of soy (which is soot reduction) along with the good qualities of paraffin (even burning, rich colors, and more fragrance.


Each of our candle scents are made up of a minimum of three to five different oils to give you a rich and unique fragrance. In addition to highly fragrant, long burning soy blend candles we are also proud to offer great country containers you can collect when the candle has been burned.

Absolutely my all time favorite candle. These candles burn slow and long without any black smoke. This particular candle has the best smell ever!

GailCommenting on Winter Star Dust Jar Candle

This is the best smelling candle. I use it every year for Halloween and everybody tells me how good my house smells. I also use it for Thanksgiving. You cannot go wrong with this candle.

StaceyCommenting on Pumpkin Star Patch Jar Candle

Best fall scented candle I have ever had. Repeat purchase and repeat customer. You will not be disappointed in this candle, it will fill your house with a homey fall scent.

AngelaCommenting on Autumn Splendor Jar Candles


Please do not drive to this address.

You might be tempted to visit us at our workshop, but you will be disappointed when we tell you we never do sales from here. We are too busy creating and dreaming up wonderful new products! You can order from our website store, or visit one of the retail shops that carry our products.