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We do not sell from our workshop.

We are a small business of just two people, and we spend all of our time dreaming up and making wonderful new candles and other wonderful things. We never do any sales from our production barn, so even though you might locate us on the internet,

please do not visit – we will have to turn you away.

We sell to hundreds of retail shops across the country, and it’s impossible for us to keep track of them all, because we also sell through large wholesale warehouses.  We simply stock a booth and they run the sales, handle all the customers.  Therefore, we do not know all of the wonderful shops that go there to buy from us.  That is why we suggest you google country gift shops in your area that you would like to visit and ask them if they carry our candles.

Do you have a favorite local shop? Ask them to stock Herbal Star Candles! They can contact us at