At the Beach Star Tart Melter-4 oz

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The name of this candle is simply At the Beach…It is a blend of clean scents, that smell like a walk on the beach…you can smell clean salty air as well as the smell of suntan lotion.  We have updated it for 2022 with some extra “beachiness” and a new label.  It’s extraordinary now!!!!

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Our new size tarts are exclusively designed by us!  They are a larger size, at 4 oz

They are scented just like the candle of the same name! They make trying new scents very affordable, and are perfect to give as gifts.

They are for use in a Tart Warmer, there are various types of Tart Warmers, but we recommend Irvin’s, a local Pennsylvania company who makes them with wonderful tin.

Its really nice to enjoy the fragrance of our candles this way with no flame, or to put them in a place in your home that you can’t burn a candle but want to have some fragrance.

Each star tart lasts approx 12-18 hours, but it depends on your bulb and how bright it is, but generally, you can smell them continuously for 12-18 hours til the scent cooks out.

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