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Thank you for your interest in our Herbal Star Candles! We are happy that you are a shop owner that has found our candles, potpourri and accessories!

We sell wholesale to shops and are always shipping out all over the United States and Canada (if there is a US address to ship to). We do not have a paper catalog. We have a catalog that is online. You can print those pages out, then, to have as a paper catalog. We can cut our costs down and constantly update pricing specials if we do not invest in a paper catalog that can become obsolete each season.

I’ll provide the information in the email for you to receive our wholesale specials and pricing. Please send me an email with your shop name, address, phone number and most importantly, your resale tax ID number. I can then provide you with wholesale information.

Send email directly to: or use our contact form.

Kathy also loves to talk, so call us, too, if you have a specific question or just need a live person to talk to. 717-898-6422

Thank you so much!