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Country Cupboard Potpourri Added to Website

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We have just added our “Country Cupboard” Spring/Summer Potpourri to the website.  The scent is a blend of creamy lemon, juicy orange, baked apple and lots of spice.  It is the same scent as our previous Country Market (or Country Star Spice)…we have just changed the name to go with the new image of the label, which is of a primitive girl standing in front of a primitive cupboard.

We have a Potpourri Spray available, and candles to match the scent.Country Market Potpourri and Spray

Still Time to Order Christmas Candle Gifts

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We ship everyday, and all online orders will go out and get there on time for Christmas.  Did you know, most of our shipping to the East Coast is only one day away?  No extra charge, that’s standard Ground time!  The furthest away is California, which is a 5 day away time from here in Lancaster PA!  So, don’t worry, you will get candles in time for Christmas!  Another note:  if trying to order more than one candle, but the option is only allowing you to get one, that’s because there is only one left.   But there are still lots of candles left to order!  You can select the option of  “In stock” items, to help you with selections, too!  Thank you everyone!Old Santa Cinnamon Collection

Room & Potpourri Sprays Added

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We have finally added our Christmas Room Sprays and Potpourri Spray to the website.  We have two Room Sprays, one in our Pine Star Shine Scent (great for Christmas if you have an artificial tree) as well as Winter Star Dust which is the scent of cinnamon and vanilla.  We also have a Potpourri Spray available in our potpourri scent of Olde Holiday Glow…a blend of winter scents.  You can find them on the website under their collection or search Room Sprays…enjoy!Set of three Room Sprays offered for ChristmasOlde Holiday Glow Potpourri Sprayhsc--09202014-0048

Lattice Jar Grouping

Christmas Lattice Jars are ready!

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Lattice Jar GroupingThese beautiful jars are called Lattice Jars because of the lattice pattern in the glass….which enhances the glow of the candle.  They are 48 oz of wax, burn for 195 hours, include the wire holder and come in three of our popular Christmas Scents.  The green is our Pine Star Shine, the white is our Winter Star Dust, and the red is our new Holiday Sweets.

Love Peace Joy

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Love Joy Peace was a very popular candle this past weekend. The scent is like an old fashioned spice box, with sweet vanilla and spicy, smokey clove mixing nicely with nutmeg and brown sugar. The inspirational label will take you through the holiday season.

Love Joy Peace Collection

prancers pumpkin treats collection

Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread is Back

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The autumn wind is due to arrive in Lancaster County this weekend which means it’s time for Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread. Fans know this is the scent of sweet and spicy pumpkin bread and you’ve been clamoring for it.  There should be a warning for our Pumpkin candles….you will most likely become an addict!prancers pumpkin treats 32 oz jar candle

Pumpkin Star Patch Lattice Jar Candle

Pumpkin Star Patch lattice candle is here!

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Pumpkin Star Patch Lattice Jar CandlePumpkin Star Patch is a scent-ational blend that smells like spicy and sweet pumpkin pie. It burns for 195 hours in this vintage jar with lattice detail and includes the holder! This jar is larger than the 32 oz jar, holds more wax and is impressive as a centerpiece for a table.

It’s a great way to start the fall and use it all the way till Thanksgiving.

We make this scent from June til October…then we make Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread til December…so we have Pumpkin scent available for six months of the year now! The one for Fall and the one for Christmas are 95% the same….please try Prancer’s Pumpkin Bread for Christmas!

Pumpkin Star Patch Lattice Jar Candle

Pumpkin Star Patch Lattice Jars

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We call this Jar a Lattice Jar because it has the lattice pattern in the glass.  When it burns, that will show beautifully.  This is our Pumpkin Star Patch scent poured into it, with the bittersweet spice coating we use, and the jar will burn for at least 195 hours.  It’s larger than the 32 oz, but not as big as the two wick Half Gallon, and makes a really nice centerpiece on your table.

Available now on our new website