Spooky Smoke and Creepy Clove 10 oz Bag of 12 Tarts


Spooky Smoke and Creepy Clove is our newest scent for Fall.

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Spooky Smoke and Creepy Clove is our newest scent for Fall.  It really is a smokey clovey smell that is strong and mixed with this label, it has become a pretty instant success so far!  Its the smokey smell of a true bonfire, not the fake burger king smell, and the clove is exactly like the smell of ground cloves straight of the jar.  If Halloween had a signature scent, I think this would be it.

We have packaged up 12 squares of wax tarts which is over half a pound of them! They are scented just like the candle of the same name!

They are for use in a Tart Warmer, there are various types of Tart Warmers, but we recommend Irvin’s, a local Pennsylvania company who makes them with wonderful tin.

Its really nice to enjoy the fragrance of our candles this way with no flame, or to put them in a place in your home that you can’t burn a candle but want to have some fragrance.

Each square last approx 24-36 hours, but it depends on your bulb and how bright it is, but generally, you can smell them continuously for 24-36 hours til the scent cooks out.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 6.75 in